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Halo-ism. - Blink and you'll miss this offer [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Bungaree Pineapple

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Halo-ism. [Jul. 30th, 2004|12:29 am]
The Bungaree Pineapple
[mood |Slightly drunk. Big night....]
[music |Have you Ever By The Offspring]

The Halo plot that I am hacking out with someone, be warned, it's a little rough around the edges, apart from being of unusual format. Enjoy.

Kelly 047:

The darkness was complete.

Kelly held her hand away from herself, then brought it closer and closer to her face. Nothing. Just utter blackness. Complete, total darkness that seemed almost to have a weight to it. It pressed upon her blinded, open eyes, so she closed them. No difference. One would almost think that she was immersed in a vat of black, black ink, but for the mobility of movement.

Kelly walked slowly forward, her MJOLNIR boots clinking loudly on the metal deck of the UNSC cruiser Saratoga. "Yolena?" she whispered. It echoed strangely in the silent space. "Yolena?" she repeated a little more loudly, hoping the ship's AI was still operational. Silence greeted her ears. "Damn," Kelly muttered. She stumbled though the inky dark towards the AI console on the bridge. She felt for the AI chip and pulled it out, inserting it into the back of her helmet. Yolena? she thought. If the AI was still operational, she should respond. Nothing. "Raaaaaaaaaaaaah!" Kelly screamed in a fit of frustration. She needed to get the lights back on, then she could find the other Spartans. Some may be on the ship with her, having escaped from Reach. Others were in separate stellar vehicles, as they had aided UNSC personel during the battle. She knew not whether any others were alive or dead, nor did she know where in space she was. Without the ship's navigational charts, she would simply drift about, eventually being caught by a planet, moon, or star and plummeting to its surface in a firey crash...

Banishing that thought, she removed Yolena's chip from her helmet and placed it back in the AI console slot. Turning away, she stared into the darkness. Suddenly, it was not so dark. Spinning back around, Kelly saw that the AI holoplate was not empty, but instead contained the glowing green figure of a young woman with long, dark hair. "Yolena!" she cried.

"Yes, Kelly, it it I. I managed to take some of your MJOLNIR suit's power and transfer it to the ship temporarily... but I've only got about a minute. Now, there was extensive damage to the reactor core during the battle prior to the jump to Slipspace. We need to repair the reactor and restart the engines. Take me with you, I'll guide you through it. But you're going to have to make your way in the dark. I'm downloading the ship's schematics, so it shouldn't..."

"What is it, Yolena?" Kelly said, curious about the AI's pause.

"Someone's coming. Friend or foe, I'm not sure. Here- take my chip. The glow'll give us away for sure. Then, wait by the door. We'll ambush it... Okay, yank me." Kelly pulled the chip out of the console again, and inserted it into her helmet. The cool sensation of the AI permeating the suit shocked her- it was like being doused in cold water. "Ah, that takes some getting used to, I'm afraid," said Yolena. "Okay, take three steps forward, four to the left, then five forward... now wait." Kelly did as was instructed, feeling very odd indeed. Someone or something was alive on this ship, and there she was, ambling about in the dark with an assault rifle and a starship-grade AI. She hoped that, whatever it was, it couldn't see in the dark any better than she could.

Dienekes 072:

Dienekes' eyes looked on firmly at the battered and damaged grey hull of the former UNSC cruiser, he quickly looked over the stricken craft and at the near landing bay. The cruiser had been damaged badly, several darkened scars from weapons scarred it's exterior. He shook his head in slight dismay.

The the small, damaged shuttle he was in rocked slightly belying its failing condition, even as the cyborg maneuvered it to the docking bay. A preliminary scan showed that the ship was close to derelict, the reactors were off line. Damage to interior bulkheads was extensive, it would be a lot of work before this craft would be battle ready. The scan also showed that some of the life support mechanisms were online, notably oxygen, and water. A shudder from the small craft he was piloting reminded him of the urgency in the need to land the small shuttle.

Rocking unstably he began to dock in the dark, empty and almost foreboding landing bay. During the battle upon Reach, the human forces were decimated, the entire regiment he was assisting were obliterated by combined strikes from space and subsequent land invasions. With no purpose left upon Reach, Dienekes took a chance and piloted a small, ruggedly built shuttle from the planet and then pitted his skill against the firepower of the covenant. It must have been sheer bullheaded luck that had seen him evade the majority of the destruction fired at his direction.

Grasping at any hope for escape he had chased an almost destroyed cruiser into Slipspace.

The shuttle finally maneuvered into the bay, and with a grinding of metal as the artificial gravity brought the shuttle to ground. Climbing from the vehicle he completed a quick suit recalibration and didn't fail to acknowledge the warning message of breaches where the suit had been damaged during battle on Reach. The shield was faulty, perhaps damaged wiring was the culprit, however, it did not power up. He saw no reason to bring his weapons. It would be an unnecessary burden for now anyway. He did reach for a chip wrapped in cloth. Almost reverently he placed it into a small box and attached it to his suit.

With a tap upon the side of his head he switched the flashlight on, and scanned across the bay. With a pause he logically moved towards the bridge of the cruiser. If the life support power was to be turned on it would be from there. Moving through the ice cold darkened walkways, Dienekes moved with unhurried urgency. It was uneventful as he approached the bridge. When from his movement sensor he thought he had seen a blink of movement. Pausing there was no more movement, he sighed, placing the movement down to another fault with the damaged armour he approached a closed door.

With a slight grunt of effort he leveraged the door open and took a step inside.

Kelly 047:

Kelly waited with baited breath outside the door. She hoisted her assault rifle up towards her shoulder, grabbing the top with her left hand. Whatever came around the corner, she would bash it first and ask questions later. Hopefully it was only a droid, or a weak Covenant opponent that had somehow made its way onto the cruiser during the battle. Or, perhaps it was another Spartan...

"Those sound like MJOLNIR boots, Yolena," she whispered hopefully to the AI over the COM channel.

The AI gave a thoughtful pause. "Analyzing... It's something large, and heavy, by the way the floor is creaking. I'd say it's either a Spartan or a Hunter."

Great, thought Kelly. That's just what I need, to battle a Hunter in my condition. The shield monitor on her HUD blinked feebly as it tried, once more, to fully recharge. The blue bar remained half-full. Kelly sighed and shook her head. Shields at half-power, no flashlight, and only two clips of ammo for her AR. Things were not going to be pretty if it was indeed a Hunter that approached her postition.

"It's just outside the door. Brace yourself," Yolena warned her. Kelly needed no second warning. The door gave a lurch open and she hurled herself at the dark form that had just entered- except that it wasn't dark. A blinding light shone in her eyes momentarily before the HUD could adjust, and when it did, a Spartan stood before her. She averted her facial attack last-minute, and the assault rifle glanced instead off of the Spartan's shoulder. By the screeching metallic scraping sound that followed, this Spartan's shields weren't working very well either. The force of her attack sent her careening into the door, from which she quickly pushed off and stood rigidly, facing the newcomer. She snapped a crisp salute and said, "Spartan Kelly 047 wishes you to know that she is sorry..." She paused and blinked as recognition registered in her mind. "Dienekes?" she said incredulously.

Dienekes 072:

Dienekes yelled something obscene, when something hiding out of sight behind the door, dove headlong towards him. Despite enhanced reaction time, he was taken completely off guard. There was a somewhat familiar grating sound of metal connected with the armor's multilayered alloy.

The force of the attack had knocked Dienekes to the floor, however he returned to his feet quickly to face this sudden threat. He was quite surprised to see another Spartan.

"Dienekes 072 accepts your apology, in the context of the situation." he nodded. Returning a more casual salute. "I had hardly expected to find another living creature here, let alone another Spartan." he said with slight surprise evident in his voice. He Turned towards the rest of the bridge. the Light played across the darkened surfaces. Unlike most of the ship, the bridge was in a greater state of pandemonium than the rest. fallen chairs, broken objects, shattered glass, littered the entire area. From the destruction. it was evident that the cruiser had been abandoned hurriedly.

Moving towards a control console he carefully picked his way over the obstructions. He turned slightly back towards the fellow Spartan, Kelly "Explain your presence upon this vessel, how did you make it here?"

Dienekes began to clear debris from the console and motioned for Kelly to help him clear it.

After a brief moment of quiet Dienekes spoke again. "The humans were slaughtered upon Reach, As far as I am aware, so were the other Spartans also present in land conflict....” he trailed off allowing the implications to sink into Kelly.

Pressing a few buttons upon the console, it did not respond. Stepping back he shrugged, an annoyed tone entering his voice. “I guess there will be no emergency lighting.” Dienekes kicked the console solidly out of annoyance due to the lack of anything functioning properly since he'd gotten on the blasted shuttle. Slowly a blue glow began to ebb into operation.

With a sense of slight relief he stood a chair upright and sat down. Whilst looking over the damage to his armor he looked up at Kelly awaiting her response.

Kelly 047:

"Wow, I should have tried that," Kelly said in amazement as the emergency lights flickered to life. "I generally don't go for the whole violent-acts-when-angry thing though, I'm more of a yeller," she laughed.

"Well, in answer to your question- I had been fighting on Reach with the ground forces for a couple hours, I was embedded with a troop of Marines. We were stationed on the outskirts of a Covenant airfield. We took out several Hunters and Elites with our snipers. Then we charged their position, intending to slaughter the few Grunts left and take the base. Just when it seemed the battle had been won, a Covenant ship showed up. It carried a single passenger- A Brute.

"Now I don't know if you've ever had a run-in with a Brute, but they're tough. The air rang with shots from an array of weapons that the Marines carried, but to no avail. This thing was unstoppable. It even took two rockets to the chest and kept on coming. I knew it was over. I yelled and ran at it, and it smacked me in the head. My shields were knocked out, and the world spun. My feet carried me to the ship the Brute had arrived in as it busied with the Marines, and I entered the cockpit. It seemed easy enough to control. Surprisingly, the console was rather human in nature. I pulled the ship up and circled around, intending to pick up the other Marines and hightail it out of there, but there was only one left. I saw the Brute corner him and raise his arm..." she trailed. "I ran over the Brute with the ship, and veered away just missing the soldier, Sgt. DeCicco. Together we brought the small Covenant vessel off of Reach and into space.

"We entered the edge of the battle, but we knew we'd be torn apart by UNSC forces if we approached in the ship. We boarded this vessel, the Saratoga, which lay listing in space. I had taken several trips on the Saratoga, and knew the AI very well. We assumed we could contact Yolena and get the engines working, but as we boarded the ship took a direct hit from a plasma cannon. All the lights went out, and Sgt. DeCicco was killed when a metal beam fell on him. The falling superstructure damaged my suit, most notably my flashlight. I was alone then, and I made my way though the dark to the bridge.

"So, what about you? Got a nice story for me about how you got here?" Kelly smiled.

Dienekes 072:

Dienekes removed his helmet, then rubbed his tired eyes. It had been several days since he had last slept and even the awesome stamina of the Spartans was pushed to the limit. He smiled at Kelly.

"That was no violence. It was just a little... love tap..." He smiled glancing at the sizable dent in the side of the grey metal console. turning back towards Kelly, as she began her story.

Dienekes was quiet while Kelly talked only nodding occasionally, and muttering confirmations. He knew about Brutes of course creatures that made rag-dolls of even Spartans. He was slightly surprised that it withstood 2 missiles along with standard weapon fire. A smile tugged at the corner of his mouth.

"You never did win any awards for accuracy did you?" He shook his head in mock dismay. "Tsk tsk two rockets and you cant take it down. Call yourself a Spartan?" He kicked back in the chair to move a little further from Kelly. Just in case.

He looked away from Kelly when she asked him if he had any nice stories to tell. A moment passed as he thought about what to say, a pained expression slowly crossed his face. "With that battle went humanity's only real chance of victory. Now it would take a miracle to save humanity. There is no nice story to tell. Only a story of death and violence." he said quietly, his mood becoming somewhat more sober.

"It started simply enough. We were manning the land based anti-ship weapons. This made us a rather high priority target, naturally. It wasn't long till The covenant swarmed us. There were hundreds... maybe thousands. They used Fuel Rod weapons to destroy the artillery weapons then progressively began to wipe us all out." Dienekes ran a hand over a few blackened scars, remnants of the battle.

"I saw Jake 026, get three plasma grenades stuck to his armor and he literally exploded out of existence. From there things went from bad to worse. The fleet had been pretty much defeated by then, so the covenant were free to make airstrikes. Any semblance of defense was ended then. The humans panicked and broke off, running. There was no glimmer of hope for a slight victory. So we went for the shuttles nearby." Dienekes placed his hand upon his chin.

I had another thing to do however. I went to the planetary network console, then I pulled the AI." He paused. "After all, it didn't need to be captured by the covenant for study. Unfortunately, I think I corrupted the AI when I removed it from the system. It hadn't disconnected from the network fully when I removed the crystal data chip." he was quiet for a moment.

"I was in a rush, I didn't have time to wait for it to disconnect fully from the network." He raised his arms defensively.

Then I made a beeline towards the shuttles. As I ran, the marine manned craft were engulfed in flame by covenant weaponry. I took the only remaining shuttle.

As I piloted it towards space. I was somewhat surprised to not have covenant firing at me. I was confused at first, until the com ports of the ship began filtering through a covenant broadcast. It was directed only at me."

"Human Shuttle, why do you fight us? The humans care not for your plight, they force you to serve their will yet you receive no reward for doing so, why? They'd rather sacrifice your life so that they can stall inevitable defeat than respect your own desires. Are you a slave? NO Are you a petty follower? NO. Then why ally yourself with these people? We will offer you parley and you can then accompany back to our own world where you will be hailed as a hero, despite your transgressions. We respect your prowess. Your... superiority. Leave this conflict, only then can you truly live as you wish and not under control of others."

"Respond as you wish, warrior."

"I was tempted to reply, what future do we have Kelly? Every battle we strive for the next breath, and believe that with it we can do more than with the last one. We use our breath to power our capacities: capacity to kill, to maim, to destroy. Where does that place our futures?" Dienekes trailed off.

"Anyway. I'm just being depressing. Where was I? Their hesitation was my salvation and despite their attack I managed to pull the shuttle through and followed a fleeing cruiser and, well that leads to here." He sighed heavily.

"If there are no other crew, then I fear we are going to be unable to pilot this craft. I would suggest that we concentrate our efforts upon the shuttle instead."

Still a work progress I'm afraid. I'll post more as It is produced.